AUNIQUEI applies a unique nexus that combines leadership, management and communication to enhance values of clients and attain highest standards of their objectives.

Core values

  • Genuine client appreciation
  • Love of service
  • Excellence in all that we do and attainment of the highest standard possible
  • Rigorous adherence to honesty
  • Full disclosure of information


Identify and develop niches in communication and technology. Closeness to clientele and satisfaction of clients’ needs beyond expectation. Be the lead service provider in each niche area.


To be a leader in the business of communication, leadership communication and technology by providing unique services that privilege clients in all sectors of the growing economies across Africa. Create partnerships with global and industry leaders to further the reach and impact of our services, and to increase our market share.


To provide high quality services that demonstrate excellence and fulfil clients’ expectations.

Our Approach

AUNIQUEI has an excellent grasp of communication and leadership communication in Africa. We provide the best service available to any persons, organization, country, institution or company in our area of business. We have developed strong links between communication, leadership, development and sustainable transactions for growth.

Contrary to traditional and usual ways of separating communication to media, non-mediated information and education, AUNIQUEI approaches communication in a holistic sense to position an idea, cause, subject or entity. AUNIQUEI views leadership, management and communication in conceptual, theoretical and applied senses.


Who We Are

AUNIQUEI’s directory of consultants, partners, facilitators and advisers come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds that include policy making, management, programme creation and execution, academia, research, communication and media practice. Their experiences cover private business sector, not-for profit sector, international development organizations, including the United Nations
and multilateral financial institutions.

We interact with global leaders on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and interpret implications of SDGs’ goals and targets for countries, businesses and people.

The Team

We have well informed team members of various backgrounds with experience on Africa, who serve as consultants, partners, facilitators and advisers. We have a vast reservoir of knowledge tools and competence on communication, leadership communication, media and technology which is made available promptly and rapidly.

What We Do

Find out more about what we do, the services we provide and how they apply to you.